• Knowledge

    A critical success factor in any Open Data or Open Government initiative is educating Citizens, Governments, Civil Society and Businesses on the importance of what Open Data can do to improve lives, and create new Eco-systems.
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  • Tools

     We are engaged in a number of initiatives to not only build Platforms and Tools but to create a methodology around sustainability, impact and reuse of these tools in the Open Data and Governance space.
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  • Community

     We work to build communities around Open Government at multiple levels – policy, technical and citizens. In particular, we have taken the view that developing systems that get citizens to “talk back” to government is especially crucial for the successful delivery of Open Government Initiatives.
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  • Policy

    Open Institute’s Policy Practice promotes transparency, accountability and multi-stakeholder participation in governance as key characteristics of the open government ethos.
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We work with our partners in government, civil society and at the community level to realize an open society managed by informed, fact driven citizens.

We work specifically on social innovation, grassroots community organization and policy level stakeholder development to ensure that important knowledge is gathered and shared among all stakeholders and tools are built to give citizens stronger voices in governance.

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