Open Institute

About us

About Open Institute

We are a non-profit organisation based in Nairobi, Kenya that collaborates with Governments, Civil Society Organisations, Citizen Groups and Private Sector companies to find innovative ways to achieve Sustainable Development.

Our mandate is to work with governments (at national, subnational and hyperlocal levels) as well as citizens, CSOs and other stakeholders to promote Responsive Governments (that have the necessary capacity to listen and engage fruitfully with citizens) and Active Citizenship by citizens who are informed and fact-driven.

What we do

Through our work we aim to achieve two main changes in our societies: we want to see governments that proactively open everything that is relevant to development into the sunlight and to give value to citizen voices – so that citizens have influence in their decision making.

The Open Institute has been undertaking a number of ambitious projects and programs that promote the use of Data – both from the supply and the demand side at the grassroots and sub-national level.