Advisory Board

Advisory Board.

[team_member image_url=”6241″ bio_image_url=”6241″ team_memeber_style=”bio_fullscreen” name=”Bitange Ndemo” job_position=”Associate Professor at the University of Nairobi Business School / Chairman of the task force on Block Chain and Artificial Intelligence” team_member_bio=”Prof. Bitange Ndemo is an ICT specialist and an Associate professor in Entrepreneurship. He also teaches Research Methods and Management at the School of Business, University of Nairobi. Prior to this, he was the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communication where he initiated various transformative projects, including development of the undersea cables into East Africa and the development of the Kenya Open Data Initiative.” social_icon_1=”fa fa-twitter-square” social_link_1=”” social_icon_2=”fa fa-globe” social_link_2=””]
[team_member image_url=”6248″ bio_image_url=”6248″ team_memeber_style=”bio_fullscreen” name=”Muchiri Nyaggah” job_position=”Executive Director, LDRI” team_member_bio=”Muchiri serves as the Executive Director at the Local Development Research Institute. He previously served as the Deputy Executive Director and Policy Lead at the Open Institute and worked on open data and open government projects at national and sub-national level.” social_icon_1=”fa fa-twitter-square” social_link_1=””]
[team_member image_url=”7039″ bio_image_url=”6247″ team_memeber_style=”bio_fullscreen” name=”Shikoh Gitau” job_position=”Head of Products, Alpha at Safaricom Limited” team_member_bio=”Shikoh is a strong, strategic, results-driven leader with proven ability to create new organizations, spearhead change, and conceptualize and execute innovative, impactful and sustainable initiatives. A passionate, compassionate and gregarious personality . Highly focused, self driven and self reliant, sets aims and targets and leads by example.” social_icon_1=”fa fa-twitter-square” social_link_1=”” social_icon_2=”fa fa-linkedin-square” social_link_2=”” social_icon_3=”fa fa-globe” social_link_3=””]