Al Kags

Director, Founder & Trustee

I have a lot of passion for the idea of “People Power“ and my career has been the pursuit of building systems and structures that give people the power to determine how their lives can be better. I am a writer, a poet and a stories enthusiast.

My job is to lead the team as we explore the most sustainable ways for governments and citizens to better engage and make live better.

Elgeyo Marakwet Data Portal

The Elgeyo Marakwet County Open County Data platform is a

SDG Tracker

Measuring progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Farmers Data

This project sought to find out the information from farmers


Your taxes are keeping things moving – paying for our


Presidential pardon form, that inmates (Jail) can fill online to

Global Goals for Local Impact

The Global Goals for Local Impact is an initiative that

Maarifa Platform

The Council of Governors and its partners have established the

Open County

The Open County Initiative is a project within the Devolution


Kenya Devolution Hub provides a comprehensive source of publications on