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Benjamin Charagu

Benjamin Charagu

Programmes Director

Benjamin works as the Programmes Director for the Open Institute in Nairobi, Kenya. Amongst the various programmes that he oversees are the Ability (, Open County ( and Extractives programmes. As a Programmes Director, he develops and implements the organization’s programmes. He assesses needs and ensures that various programs objectives are met. He is responsible for budgeting and community outreach. He collaborates with other teams to write grant proposals and manage large scale donations. He reports to an executive and advices on the programme’s progress. He manages the departmental sub-functions within a broader departmental function. He creates functional strategies and specific objectives for the sub-function and develops budgets/ policies/ procedures to support the functional infrastructure. He has been responsible for establishing the Data scraping and wrangling division of the Open Institute organisation, as well as contributed to the creation of grass-roots data literacy training modules. He is also the founder of East African Artists, whose focus is to give local musicians control of their products. He believes that an informed person makes better choices.

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