Open Institute

Our Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change.

We see a future with an open society that is managed by informed fact-driven citizens. This society features a responsive and accountable government that delivers the services its citizens need at the level of service they deserve. This society includes active non-state actors who play an active role in educating citizens on their role as responsible and active citizens safeguarding democracy and development. These non-state actors also engage actively with government to provide feedback from the grassroots on the changing realities facing citizens and the emerging needs for which services and policy must evolve to meet. This society is composed of citizens who are informed about their role, empowered to play it and equipped through the right infrastructure, appropriate technology and relevant policy and legislation. We see in this future a continent that is making inclusive progress towards elimination of poverty, creation of wealth and the establishment of capable and developmental institutions.


Open Institute works towards this future by building the capacity of non-state actors to use data for evidence-based approaches that help them play their role effectively. We facilitate the exercise of their capacity by providing the tools where possible or the knowledge. We focus on partners with a large citizen-facing footprint or those that aggregate partners to create a large footprint in their areas of focus. We work with governments to design and implement policy and tools for increased responsiveness to citizens and for greater accountability. We partner with like-minded organisations to amplify our impact.


Where the right policy, information, capabilities, infrastructure and partnerships are in place, we believe the future we see can become a reality.